Gaitonde's painting sold for a record 39.98 crores: became India's most expensive painting.


An untitled painting of Vasudev Shantu Gaitonde, counted among the famous abstract artists of India, has been sold for a record 39.98 crores (USD 5.5 million).

V S Gaitonde Painting (1961) 39.98 crore

Artist- V S Gaitonde
subject- Untitled
medium- Oil on canvas
size-  50 x 80 inches (127 x 203 cm). 

The 1961 painting of V S Gaitonde was bid for INR 39.98 crore (USD 5.5 million) at the Spring Live Auction of Saffron Art India on Thursday 11-12 March 2021. This painting achieved a world record. It became the most expensive painting ever to be auctioned in the history of Indian art.

Video Courtesy- Saffron Art👇

Surprisingly, VS. Another untitled painting by Gaitonde was sold for a record 32 crores last year (September 2020). Which at that time had become the most expensive painting in India.

About VS Gaitonde:

Who is VS Gaitonde:

VS Gaitonde is known as the father of abstract art paintings.

He was born in 1924 in Nagpur (Maharashtra). And he took Sir J.K. J. Educated in art from the School of Art.

VS Gaitonde was one of the selected members of the Progressive Artists Group (PAG). Which included members like Raza, Hussain, Ara, Amba Das Gaade, Sculptor Bakre.

VS Gaitonde, despite being an abstraction in his paintings, never considered himself an abstract painter.

His early art style was influenced by Jain and Basohli paintings. And he incorporated specific notions into his art.

The art of VS Gaitonde was influenced by the color scheme of Picasso's cubic shapes and the drawing of Henry Matias and Paul Klee.

He performed solo exhibitions in places like Delhi, Mumbai, New York etc. He represented India at the Indian Art Exhibition in Europe, the Indian Art Festival of the Royal Academy of Art and Trinale London.

The Padma Shri was also awarded by the Government of India in 1971.

He died in 2001.


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